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How to Learn Graphic Design Online and My Free Courses

When I wanted to learn graphic design, there was no Google or YouTube and my college professors in graphic design didn't have all the answers or technical skills to help me.

Learning graphic design online on my own, web design and coding, Photoshop and video editing was a challenge. There was also no structure to it. Even now with YouTube we have that problem.

Today Skillshare is sponsoring this video and I'm partnering with them to do FREE Online courses for the Create Awesome Community. Skillshare offers affordable and free online learning, but I want to specifically help my viewers learn the basics of certain skills in a structured way that I can't do with tutorials.

I'll be able to help you learn graphic design principles and cover other things with a real lesson plan and structure that doesn't fit with doing a YouTube video or playlist.

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How to Become a Designer | Choosing a Career as a Graphic Designer

How to Become a Graphic Designer: Choosing a Graphic Design Career and Job Role. There are many types of Graphic Design jobs available for those looking to become a graphic designer. You can specialize as a logo designer, web designer, print designer, packaging designer or even a UI/UX designer.

Graphic Design Careers cover a broad range of job roles. If you want to become a graphic designer you need to understand what your job duties are and what your skills and strengths are in performing those task.

You may need skills in traditional illustration, typography and a good design eye and understanding in concepts and color theory.

If you want to become a web designer you will need to learn HTML Coding and CSS. You may also need to learn content management systems like WordPress as well as Javascript. While it is possible to build websites without coding, most jobs require a web designer be able to code websites by hand.

Becoming a print designer means you will need skills in layout and to learn the technical aspects of digital print production, CMYK color printing terminology and how to master tools like Adobe InDesign, Quark Express and Adobe Acrobat.

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How To Build a Website Without Code | Everyone Can Build a Website Now

Building a Website from Scratch is not something everyone wants to do. Some people need to be able to build a website without coding and learning html. Those people need solutions for managing their website with little time or technical barriers.

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How to Survive Your Graphic Design Job: 5 Tips for In House Designers

Getting Hired as a Graphic Designer is One Thing, Keeping Your Job and Sanity is Another... Becoming a Graphic Designer and Being Successful Means Navigating the Workplace.

Getting a Job as a Graphic Designer may seem difficult, but you'll find the real difficult part of your graphic design career is maintaining your job and staying sane, especially if you work with and for non creatives.

Graphic Designers and creative professionals in general have it rough on the job because they are expected to conform when their job actually requires them to think, work and behave differently than everyone else. This can be extremely stressful, especially if you have your own internal issues.

More often than not, you will find your creative decisions undermined or underappreciated. Sometimes in your design career you will have choices presented to you that go against good design or even some of your personal standards.

Essentially you have to learn to get along with others, communicate with non-designers, and suck it up when creative decisions are not the priority.

Learn to pick your battles, learn to accept situations as they come, and understand you may have to create leverage to leave your position to get where you want in your graphic design career, whether is is a better in house position or leaving to another company with more opportunity and a better work culture.

Graphic Design Jobs may seem hard to come by in this harsh economy but try to avoid taking design jobs that don't have the right work culture and opportunities to advance if you want to be happy working as a graphic designer long term.

Web Design HTML vs WordPress Which is Better?

HTML vs WordPress, which one is better for web design? If you're a web designer today to be honest you'll need to know HTML/CSS and WordPress as well as several other skills to be successful.

However there are valid reasons to use HTML or WordPress over the other depending on the situation and what you are trying to accomplish. I prefer for my own business website to prioritize HTML and PHP instead of content management system.

However for a larger website/article based site or magazine or blog obviously WordPress and content management systems are superior. But one of the issues with WordPress is that there are some security risk when using free plugins and widgets. These can also break the look and feel of your website.

Web Design: How Much to Charge for Website Design

How much does web design cost and how much should you charge as a web designer for a website? Should you charge hourly, a flat fee, or a project fee? If you want to become a web designer or hire one, you'll want to watch this video.

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